Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Hubby :)

My husband's name SUNIL means:


Yes. That is exactly him.

I met him in college back in 2006 November and learnt he was one of the most humble, polite and down-to-earth(even after having a huge female-fan-following) people I have ever met. It took us no time to become best friends After enjoying such a close friendship for about 2 yrs, we suddenly discovered we knew each other's feelings even without telling a word about it. But the little doubt that it might be our imagination made us wait for another year. The end of the 3rd yr made us confident enough that it is not our imagination but seriously we can understand each others' feelings just by listening to the other's voice on the phone. We spoke about it and realized that we had got committed to each other. With the approval of our respective parents, we tied the knot exactly 4 months before this day (yes we complete 4 months of wedded life this day).

Today on his birthday, I wish him all the happiness of the world. I just want to say I am too lucky to have him as my husband.

Dark Chocolate cake.. Slurrrpppp!
Suni, I love u so much. >:D<


Jidhu Jose said...

Birthday wishes to Sunil

Sunil Padiyar said...
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Sunil Padiyar said...

Thanks a lot priti :) :) :) :) Well I used to write adjectives for each characters in my name before.. but slightly different.. (all with negative meaning..) What you gave was the best defination perhaps... however I seriously doubt if I have done justice to it till now :) .. Anyways.. Thanks for everything..

Devidas S Maller said...

Now thats too much Preethika.. ;)

Many Happy Returns of the day Pady.. Wish you have a great life ahead.. :)

Shobhit said...

Ohh that's wonderful... :-)

And what you wrote was equally wonderful. (I meant about the cake at first... :P :D Hehe.)

But it was really a wonderful post. Now let me hurry on to your husband's blog to wish him.

And mamy many Happy returns of this day to you both. :-)

AAD said...

Hello Preethika,

Came across your blog through bloggers, very sweet blog, keep it up, liked your post on weddings, I'm currently in the middle of writing a post on Indian weddings too, but my post is not gonna be as sweet as yours :D

Anyway, good to know you are sunil's wife, happy birthday to him, and happy fourth month anniversary to both of you, the first few years of marriage are just pure bliss, enjoy this time to the fullest... :-)

Preethika Shenoy Padiyar said...

Thank u Jidhu :)

@ Hubby: :)

@ Devi: I din expect this from u.. :) it was u who asked me to write my side of the story.. I wrote it on his birthday.. And you are saying it is too much!!!

@ Shobhit: It is yummier than it looks.. Thanks for the wishes :)

@ Anjali: Thanks for the compliment.. Din expect it :) and thanks for the wishes...

Devidas S Maller said...

Hmmm.. Guess i was not clear when i said too much ;)

Too much was meant only on the description of Sunil as Sweet, Understanding, Nice, Intelligent and loving ;)

sowmya said...

how sweet!
cute pair!
i must say sunil must be lucky to have such a pretty heart as his soul-mate :)
my belated wishes to sunil!

great post preethika!
god bless u both; may all ur dreams come true :)
keep smiling always!

Preethika Shenoy Padiyar said...

@ Devi: Well I don think so right now.. May be the after staying with him for 3 yrs my opinion will chage... :P

@ Soumya: Thank u so much gal.. :) Thanks a lot... :)

SUB said...

lucky Sunil :D
sweet sweet couple u guys r....

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