Monday, June 18, 2012

Kaash Mein Tere Haseen Haath Ka Kangan Hota!

For the first time, I would be posting someone else’s work in my blog. Different websites give different information about the poet. Majority of the sites say that Wasi Shah is the poet.
I love the poem a lot. So romantic. So just sharing with you all. Also there is translation in brackets. Hope you like it. 

Kaash Mein Tere Haseen Haath Ka Kangan Hota
(I wish I were the bangle on your beautiful hand)

Tu Bade Pyar Se Chao Say Bade Maan K Saath
Apni Naazuk Si Kalayi Mein Chadhati Mujh Ko
(With lots of love and care, you would have worn me)

Aur Betaabi Se Furqat K Khizan Lamho Mein
Tu Kisi Soch Me Doobi Jo Ghumaati Mujh Ko
(When lost in tension or impatience or sorrow, you would absent-mindedly turn me)

Mein Tere Hath Ki Khushboo Say Mehak Jata
(I would also get the fragrance of your hand)

Jab Kabhi Mood Mein Aa Kar Mujhay Chooma Karti
Tere Honton Ki Hidat Say Dahak Sa Jaata
(Whenever you kiss me while you are lost in thoughts of someone special, I would feel a sweet shock at the contact of your lips)

Raat Ko Jab Bhi Tu Neendon Kay Safar Pay Jaati
Mar Mari Haath Ka Takiya Banaya Karti
(At night, while, on your journey of sleep, you make your hand your pillow,)

Mein Tere Kaan Say Lag Kar Kayi Baatein Karta
Teri Zulfein Tere Gaal Ko Chooma Karta
(I would whisper sweet nothings in your ear; I would kiss your cheek and hair.)

Mujh Ko Bay Taab Sa Rakhta Teri Chahat Ka Nasha
(My craving for you will always intoxicate me.)

Mein Teri Rooh K Gulshan Mein Mehakta Rehta
(I would spear fragrance in the garden of your soul.)

Mein Tere Jism K Aangan Mein Khanakta Rehta
(I would make beautiful sounds on the garden of your beautiful hands.)

Kuch Nahi To Ye Bay Naam Sa Bandhan Hota
(If nothing else, we would atleast be bound in this nameless relationship)

Kaash Mein Tere Haseen Haath Ka Kangan Hota
(I wish I were the bangle on your beautiful hand)

To the poet: First of all, lovely poem. I am a fan of yours. If I have made any mistake in translating your poem, please forgive me.

To all those waiting to spring upon me for the word-translation mistakes here, I tried my best to translate the meaning of the line as well as trying not to sound cheesy or funny. I have tried to translate what he meant rather than what each word meant. Thank you, Shobhit, for helping me with the translation.

Images courtesy: My hubby. Thank you, Sunil, for patiently clicking so many pics of my hand even though you were so tired.


Deepak Bhakta said...

Nice Post...
Good translations :)

Pritz said...

Thank you Bhakthu :) Glad you liked it...

Sunil Padiyar said...

What I liked about this post the most is - :) YOUR HANDS :P

Anonymous said...

beautiful script for beautiful hand. i am your dad

Umesh Tarsariya said...

amazing creation keep it up...

Pritz said...

Thank you dad and welcome to my blog :)

Pritz said...


shweta patel said...

really wonderful

Shobhit said...


Wow ! This came out really wonderful. And Sunil's photography made it even better.

Though you thanked me, it's good that you didn't include the initial translations which I suggested. Otherwise this would have easily qualified for the most hilarious post of the year. :P :D

Well done. :-)

Pritz said...

:) I had also considered to translate that way. But it would be insult for the mood of the poem.

Glad u liked it..

bhavna said...

excellent poetry , excellent translation and great photography....wonderful!!

Pritz said...

Thank you Bhavna :) Glad you liked it.. Have to say that translation is more difficult than writing a poem..

Deepa Mahajan said...

me too

Deepa Mahajan said...

very nice

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