Monday, September 2, 2013

My Card Craze!

Wow! It feels so good to be back. My new job had really kept me very busy. Finally I got used to it. (I know that is a very cheesy excuse. A little less than a year is quite a long time to get used to a new job.) I think @PritzTheWriter had taken a small break. Anyways, no more excuses. I AM BACKKKK!!!!!

But before starting my post, I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to all of you.
Thank you all for visiting my blog even though I was away for 11 months and increasing the page count from 23,800 to 36,460. Thank you for the love!! Words cannot express how happy you all have made me.

I had thought my come-back post would be something related to social awareness. But I am really in no mood to lecture. In fact, I am more interested today to show-off!
I have this craze of making my own cards for occasions. I got the inspiration from my ex-roommate Shruti. So I thought why not share all the cards what I have done. I have already shared one card I had created on my First Wedding Anniversary.

Let me start with the latest one- my hubby’s birthday. This year he turned 28. I had made his previous birthday so grand that I had unknowingly set up higher standards. And unlike last year, his friends were all busy to visit my place. And my job had always managed to make me stay in office till he reached home. So practically there was no time to make a card. Luckily he had to go to his parents place for 10 days to see his brother and I had not got leave (as usual). This gave me ample time to get the card ready and shop for his gifts which if I had bought when he is here; it was easily visible among my bags. I won’t deny I missed him. A friend of mine, Vandana had given me good company those days on WhatsApp. Before I get distracted and start praising or tell random “nice” stuffs about my hubby and start explaining how much I missed him, let me move to the point.

I gifted an 18”x 24” canvas board to my artist hubby. When he was doing his engineering, he had drawn Hindu Gods and Goddesses on the walls of his house. But then they painted the house and the whole art was lost. So I thought this would inspire him more to draw.  

I also gave him resistance tubes with a hope that he stops using gas cylinder as dumbbells. You might be thinking why hope when you can ask. Well, if I ask him not to, and if he stops exercising, it might get difficult to persuade him to start exercising again. With great difficulty, he has started exercising in the first place.

Then a wrist band, well just like that! It looked really good on his hand.

For the first time, I created an android app which had minions singing happy birthday song.  When he heard the song, his expression was priceless. He was smiling as if…. Focus Priti focus!

And last but definitely not the least, a card. It is more of a go-green kind-of card. I am very much fascinated by the way leaves are designed. Even though flowers are more beautiful and colorful, leaves are more simple and easier to understand the contribution of Fibonacci series in their creation.  (Now when it comes to Fibonacci series, I can tell about it for hours together. I think I will write about it in another post.) Also green is one of my favorite colors (My cousins have even nicknamed me Greenika. Don’t tell anyone). I thought I will get the card shaped like a large leaf and to open it in between. Then on the inside, there will be sweet nothings written about him.

As he had reached home on his birthday morning, I had arranged for a mini treasure hunt like set-up in my house. I had prepared a Chocolate Coffee Eggless cake (for the first time) and the menu consisted of peas pulav and paneer butter masala. Before we could think of taking their pics, they were gone. Puff!!! 

Also Vandana (my friend I had mentioned above) had visited, which was like a cherry on the cake. So even though he was tired from the night journey, the day was really fun and worth all the effort.

P.S.: I have noticed that all those who are unmarried go ‘Aaawwwwwwww so sweet’ when they see me doing all these. But those married give more of a cold reaction to it, as if to say ‘how stupid!’ or ‘how silly!’. They claim that this is just for the time being and these things like making your significant other feel special is going to fade out soon. It is clear they do not do anything I do. To all of them, I have to say one thing.

Life is a celebration. But you cannot celebrate every day, for obvious reasons. So celebrate on all the special days like birthdays and anniversaries. When you can work so hard to celebrate Diwali or Eid or Christmas without complaint, why can’t you celebrate the special days you share with your loved ones? You celebrate these festivals mainly to thank God for the life God has given you. Then why do you hesitate to thank your loved ones for making your life so good?

And to my hubby, all I have to say is ‘You have made my life a celebration!’

P.P.S.: I was thinking of listing all my card works here. But I think I ended up a little chattier. I will come back with other cards in the coming posts.


Jidhu Jose said...

Wish you all the best

sunil padiyar said...

first of all - welcome back priti to ur own writing ways :) I'm sure ur blogs missed u a lot..

secondly - Thank you so much for making my b'day a spl one :) I loved every bit of it.. That minion app was a real surprise ;) :P

Happy writing..

Shobhit said...

Welcome back after a long time ! :-)

And a very happy belated Birthday to Sunil ! :-)

It was really amazing to know how you used your professional abilities to create a special gift in the form of that app. Wish we all could see it too. And the cards look wonderful too. By the way, I'm not saying this just because I'm unmarried (as you pointed out). :D I'm saying it due to your creativity and because I completely agree with your views about celebrating life. Keep it up ! :-)

Pritz said...

Thanks Jidhu :)

Pritz said...

Hubby dear,
I know and I missed blogging too..
Secondly, I knew you would love the minion app.. ;)
Happy that u liked it.. Mission Accomplished!!!

Pritz said...

Hi Shobhit,
You always manage to bring a smile with your comments.. :) :)
Thanks a lot.. :)

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