Monday, October 21, 2013

Navaratri special!

When you mention the festival of Navaratri, generally people think of Bengali Durga pooja and their incredibly beautiful Durga idols; or the Gujarati Garba dance on grounds for Falguni Pathak's performance. But in this post I will introduce you all to the Navaratri celebrations at my place Mangalore.
Navaratri literally means 9 nights. We worship 9 incarnations of Goddess Durga. Here are the 9 incarnations in pics.

1. Shailaputri

2. Brahmacharini

3. Chandraghanta

4. Kushmandini / Kushmanda

5. Skanda Mata

6. Kathyayini

7. Mahakali / Kaalratri


9. Siddidhatri

And here comes a bonus. Aadishakti.

The tenth day is Vijayadashami. On this day Goddess Sharada is worshipped. She is the goddess of knowledge, music, arts and science. We worship books also on this day. Here are the different idols of Goddess Sharada from different temples of Mangalore.

1. Kudroli temple

2. Gokarna Mutt

3. Krishna Mutt

4. Sri Venkataraman Temple

I hope you liked it. The images are clicked by my friend and a very good photographer Deepak Bhaktha. Check out his Facebook page here.

P.S.: Watching so much celebrations in every part of India makes me think about Nirbhaya and other rape victims in India. May Goddess Durga give them and all the women in the world strength and destroy those monstrous rapists.

To all the men in India, all I have to say is - If you don't respect women for rest of 356 days, I am sure your 9 days of Navratri puja, can't make Durga Maa happy!


Someone is Special said...

Beautiful clicks of Navaratri :) Enjoyed it :)

PS: Please disable CAPTCHA and enable moderation :)

Pritz said...

Thank you so much.. :) Glad you liked it.
Will surely check Captcha. Thanks for letting me know.

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