Monday, September 12, 2011

The rants of a student

Note: In this post, I am not generalizing the lecturers. I want to throw light on some notions created by some lecturers in their mind that makes a difference they don't realize. To my brother Ajith and his wife Meghna, I just want to say, you both are the best lecturers ever.

I had written a post on the lecturers who take revenge on their students. Actually there is more to it than revenge. When I was staying in a paying guest house, there was a gal staying in the next room. One weekend I had been to her room and learnt she was working as a lecturer in an engineering college. She had graduated just a year ago. She asked about my marks in engineering college and I told her the truth. Just have a look at the conversation.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

My first blogger interview!!!

My hubby's birthday bash had just got over and I was off for shopping for a trip to native. The next thing I remember is me packing for the trip. Travel for the whole night followed by  two days of festival Gauri Tadige and Ganesh Chaturti had got me really exhausted. Got up today for a day of rest and suddenly remembered that it is long I uploaded something in my blog and guess what! I was welcomed by my own interview being uploaded by Jidhu Jose. When he had asked me for my interview as a blogger, I was surprised as I was just having a blog with less than 10 posts then. So, in that case, am I worthy enough to give an interview as a blogger? I really don't think so. Anyway, the interview really gives the feel of a blog-star. I feel a lot privileged to have given my interview as a blogger. Do check it here and let me know how you felt.

Thank u so much Jidhu. Your support and your blogs Reflections and Bloggers World have helped me a lot in publicizing my blog.

Here are some pics of Ganesh Chaturti for you all to see. Ganapati Bappa Moreya!

Ganesh at Varang
Ganesh at my cousin's place

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