To my readers!

To those who do not know me or are new to my blog, I'm Preethika Shenoy, Android Application Developer, married and in love with my work. Even though my motto is to work hard and party harder, I hardly get time to party nowadays.
To those who have been following my blog, thank you loads. I can't explain you how grateful I am to you guys. I would love to know which genre you enjoy the most.

Things you would like to know about me:
1. I act too childish and keep doing crazy things. 
2. I attract people with problems and I don't really know why. People end up telling me their problems and I end up replying to them what I feel like replying. Surprisingly they find it useful and they feel a lot better. The common comments I received are that I speak with lot of maturity and I can be a good counselor. Even though I'l be a bit surprised, I feel happy that I could make someone smile.
3. I'm too sensitive when it comes to movies. I can't watch tragic, scary or violent ones. I love the Harry Potter series, Twilight series, mythological, romantic and comedy movies.
4. Music is my first love. 
5. I procrastinate through reading, writing on my blog, collecting quotes on life.

I started my blog with two poems I had written when I was in school. But now this blog is mostly about my perspective about life and things I learn each day. I have also written one short story. Please feel free to share your comments (good or bad) about my posts, rate my post and click your reaction on my post just after the post. It will help me a lot in improving my writing. If you would like to rate my blog as a whole, there is an option at the right side of the page. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and I would be able to bring a smile on your faces.

Happy reading!

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