Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Irony of Life!!!

Life's so strange at times. Makes us think of things we would never think of even in our dreams. Something similar to this happened to me. I'm not boasting about myself but I have never cursed even my enemy in my life. I've never thought bad for someone or cursed. Whenever I used to face any bad experience, I say that even my enemy should never experience this. But one day, I was forced to pray to god that its better if that person doesn't exist in this world!!! Yes!!! I prayed that way.

One of my best friends in school, Naziya, she was my classmate, bench mate and one of my best pals for 12 long years. We had enjoyed so much. We were of the same height and looked much similar. We were always together because of our height. And we almost had the same marks and used to discuss a lot about studies. The most important thing- I'd never told even one lie to her. U actually don't feel like telling a lie to her or to fake to her. Because she was such a pure hearted gal. I really don't know about others. But I had told her such a big lie. I still feel so guilty.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

My love for Nature

Thus I ended up being dangerous for some future generation English students. I don't really know what was the reason behind writing poems on nature. May be the spectacular scenes of tat village fascinated me a bit too much. I also used to like poems by William Wordsworth. He used to write only about nature. But I was little different. I start writing poems on anything other than nature as i used to feel that I've written one poem on nature. Why again nature. But as they say, a writer's hands do all the magic, my hands too did not listen to me. This happened once I turned 14. I wrote my second poem after two long years. I started writing on how to overcome a bad mood. And then, see the result!!!

Goodbye to Pensive Mood
As the nature is green,
The mind should be clean.
Then why do you make
Your backbone lean?

The clouds that pose
On the nature's nose
With the fragrance in jasmine
And the beauty in rose.

Try to capture,
Try to yield,
The beauty that is in
the sunshine and fields.

The owl that is wise,
The rabbit so nice,
All tell you to have
No other choice-

except that you
In your long go,
Shouldn't lose hope
And this is true.

Possessing such a charming voice,
The cuckoo has the colour black.
But it doesn't feel bad
For what it does lack!

In your precious life,
Try to realize-
That you have to play
On the nature's dice.

With all your strength,
With all your might,
Learn from nature
And do what is right.

If you are too depressed, then
To get rid of what makes you sad,
Describe the beauty of nature
And always be glad!!

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