Monday, May 21, 2012

'Coz of her?

Note: This is not a feminist post. Just a thought on the instant reactions on situations.

The other day I was watching a movie called Troy with my husband. He had already watched the movie but I was watching it the first time. Even before the movie started, he started saying that the whole thing has happened because of one woman. Out of curiosity I watched the whole movie. Once I finished the movie, I realized it was not her fault at all! She had been suffering from a forced marriage with an old man. Finally when she found true love in another man (the younger prince of Troy), she fled with him. Later her husband’s ego made him persuade his brother (King of Greece) to destroy Troy and became successful. Is finding her true love and making it a reality of her life wrong? If it is, then does it mean that she should strangle her happiness for the sake of her husband who understands only one language called power?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Football Madness

One Sunday afternoon, I was happy to be in a mall. It was a long time I had gone window shopping (for those who find this ridiculous, gals like it a lot). We entered the mall to find the different clothes and people in their own world. I stopped at a black T-Shirt and my hubby dragged me away. I understood his concern as I had 7 black t-shirts already. Then I stopped near the designer saris and I wanted a moment there. So as usual, hubby told me to be there and he will go to the men’s wear side. When I was done with my drooling over the saris, I searched for him and found him exactly where I found him the last time. He was desperately searching for some particular t shirt. All the t-shirts said Manchester united for life or Chelsea. His search was in vain. There was not even one Liverpool t shirt. I knew what to expect next. He grumbled some bad words and then swore that next time if there is no Liverpool t-shirt, he is going to burn the Manchester t-shirts.

If you had asked me about Football in Feb 2010, I would have said that it is just a game and I have watched it in the Hindi movie Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal (because of John Abraham) and I really like the Billo Rani song. Like many other Indians, the only game I watched was cricket, that too only the one day matches where Indian team is playing. And like a true patriot, I don’t miss the India vs Pakistan match. If you had asked me in Feb 2011, I would have said that Football is match with a team called Liverpool (I gathered this info strategically from him so that I could gift him a Liverpool accessory For Valentine’ day). But after getting married and buying a TV set, my notions about Football changed. Thanks to hubby, I started watching with him, gave it a chance, trying to understand why people (from a country where hockey is the national sport and cricket is a religion) are so crazy about football.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Moment You Told Me

Never had I ever dreamt about this,
I feel like I have worn rose glasses!
Life neva seemed so beautiful,
Everthing changed, the moment you told me..

I've changed so much myself,
I just cannot believe,
This tomboyish gal is now so girlish,
Feeling so beautiful like never before..

Every sun ray seems warmer,
Every flower look more beautiful,
Everyone looks so cheerful,
From the moment you told me..

When fallin in love or in your words,
Neva had I felt all this..
Neva had I thought
I would tell u all this..

I had thought in this new life,
I would lose my freedom.
But I'm feeling like a free bird
From the moment you told me..

We used to speak for hours together,

Topics used to pour in without knowledge..
Now like crazy we spend time in silence sighing
Without speaking a word over the line..

I used to come runnin to meet you travelling miles,
But now.. I'm nervous when I think
How to react when I meet you,
From the moment you told me..

Still I miss you badly ever moment,
And I always want to speak to you.
At times I wonder what is this feeling..
The feeling that is beyond love..

Had you not told me,
I would not have experienced this happiness..
I'm constantly on the seventh heaven,
From the moment you told me.. 

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Our First Wedding Anniversary

It is a really long time I have written anything here. Life has been too busy with lots of trips to native as well as racing to fulfill my career dreams. I guess it is also a bit late to write about this topic. It was last week my husband and I had completed a year of marital life.

Wedding anniversaries are really special to every couple. But the first one? It comes only once and it happens to be much more special than the 2nd. 3rd and so on. At least that is what I imagined. 

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