Thursday, August 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Hubby :)

My husband's name SUNIL means:


Yes. That is exactly him.

I met him in college back in 2006 November and learnt he was one of the most humble, polite and down-to-earth(even after having a huge female-fan-following) people I have ever met. It took us no time to become best friends After enjoying such a close friendship for about 2 yrs, we suddenly discovered we knew each other's feelings even without telling a word about it. But the little doubt that it might be our imagination made us wait for another year. The end of the 3rd yr made us confident enough that it is not our imagination but seriously we can understand each others' feelings just by listening to the other's voice on the phone. We spoke about it and realized that we had got committed to each other. With the approval of our respective parents, we tied the knot exactly 4 months before this day (yes we complete 4 months of wedded life this day).

Today on his birthday, I wish him all the happiness of the world. I just want to say I am too lucky to have him as my husband.

Dark Chocolate cake.. Slurrrpppp!
Suni, I love u so much. >:D<

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Guess what! My first ever blogger award!! :D

Woohoo!! I guess I am freaking out! My husband, who has a beautiful blog (you can read it here), has shared his Versatile Blogger Award with me.

Thank u so much Sunil. I love you for this.
I don't really know if I am worthy enough to bag this award. Anyways there are some rules to follow.

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about you.
3. Spread the love and honor.
4. Award and contact 7 recently discovered bloggers.

So now I got to share 7 things about me. 
1. I act too childish and keep doing crazy things. 
2. I attract people with problems and I don't really know why. People end up telling me their problems and I end up replying to them what I feel like replying. Surprisingly they find it useful and they feel a lot better. The common comments I received are that I speak with lot of maturity and I can be a good counselor. Even though I'l be a bit surprised, I feel happy that I could make someone smile.
3. I'm too sensitive when it comes to movies. I can't watch tragic, scary or violent ones. I love the Twilight series, mythological, romantic and comedy movies.
4. Music is my first love. 
5. I love crafting, embroidering glass painting and the like. I love to learn more of the sort. 
6. I am in love with  the idea of love.
7. People compare me with the character of Geet from the movie Jab We Met. But they also agree I am highly practical about my life. The reality is I am practical and I am not like Geet but there are some fundas of life (which I call high fandus) which she says in the movie and those are my lines she stole. I don't know if you have observed or not but the point #2 and #6 above are similar to Geet. She also says "Aage kya hota hai iska kisiko idea nahi hai; tho main bas vahi karthi hu jo mera dil chahtha hai. Kyonki aage chalke main ye nahi kehna chahthi ke Ji aapki vajah se meri life me problem aa  gayi. Agar meri life me problem aati hai tho meri vajah se so I'll be happy! "  which I totally believe in. And just like her, main bhi apni favourite hoon. If I am having an unusual exciting moment a very happy one; I like to think that later in life, I'll think about this moment and laugh. If I am having a bad time, I will start wondering if this time will really matter later in life.

If I keep speaking about me, I'll end up writing a whole book. So I'll stop here.

Well, it is my husband gave me this award. So I really doubt a bit more if I really deserve it. He might have given out of love. But I am truly honored and privileged.

I am sharing this award with some of my favourite bloggers. 

Please don't go by the order. The list doesn't mean the others are not good. I just found these more versatile or they have already bagged lots of awards. I hope this chain continues and many newbies get more recognition. 

Happy blogging :)    

Friday, August 19, 2011

Rain rain.. DON'T go away! Please..

I was enjoying my Saturday evening reading others’ blogs, searching for job and listening to ‘Phir Mohabbat’ from the movie Murder2. It suddenly started raining outside and the electricity board had already decided to freak everyone out by maniacally turning on and off the power. It was raining so heavily that the house had become as dark as night. I am particularly not afraid of the dark but this had really pissed me off. I wished my husband had off this Saturday  and Dhaam Boom!! Thunder had me almost jumped from my seat. One moment passed and the lightning made the whole house full of light for a split second and I were deaf, I would have easily mistaken it for someone clicking a picture with flash. Sometimes I feel that when God gets in a mood for photography, the thunder and lightning happens. The thunder is the click sound of his giant camera and the lighting its flash. I saw the time. It was 5pm. Still 2 to 3 hrs for my hubby to reach home. No power is OK. But this power on and off once in every two minutes is a headache. I thanked god (for the nth time) for making me have a laptop so that I will not be bored to death on days (if any) with no power. I decided I will have tea and was about to go to the kitchen when the doorbell rang.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

The debt of my life!

I know you will be angry with me
But I don't have another choice.
I thought they would listen to me 
But I didn't have the voice.

I had listened to every word they said.
I expected they would listen to me here.
I walked on the road bowing my head down and
Never spoke to anyone because of their fear.

I had never known the fact that
Love is not in anyone's control.
While I had denied my feelings on your face;
My tears had spoken the words of my soul.

Life had become so beautiful
I saw the love in your eyes;
You held my hands and promised
'I'm yours forever', it felt so nice.

I never thought they would oppose
And lock me inside my house!
For choosing something on my own;
Even if it is as important as my spouse.

I thought they would agree
As we belong to the same caste.
But they said the choice wasn't mine!
That conversation was the last.

It is not that I did not fight for you -
I have even threaten to kill myself!
But mom claimed giving birth to me is a debt,
I have to live my life their way even if I lose my self.

I thought my parents wanted to see me happy
But they love the society more
The society which knows only to find mistakes
Of the people who go against their rule.

I never guessed I was doing them a favor
By living my life their way
One important decision I took on my own
Cost me all the happiness within a day.

'I will never love anyone else'
Was the only promise I gave you
And I am keeping the promise
Even if I would never meet you.

My future is not in my hands;
I will be married soon for sure.
The day they will get me married;
My soul will be alive no more.

I have sacrificed my love for them
Now there is no love in me for anyone
Please move on in life and be happy
Forget me and marry someone.

I am not worthy enough to ask you
Not to be angry with me
I have always loved only you
Your memories will be always there with me.

You have promised that you live for me
Please remember your word
I am no better than dead now
By ending your life, for me, don't make it worse.

I will feel a little alive
If you are happy in your life
Please do me that one favor and make it easy
To pay back my parents their debt - My Life!

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