Friday, October 21, 2011

The broken cellphone..

He used to smile my favourite smile
And speak to me all night long
When he would feel sleepy
I would sing him songs.

I wake him up in the morning
Singing a sweet tone in his ears
He would get irritated for a moment
And then look at me and smile.

I shy away and he grabs me
He will see the time and get shocked
He will get ready quickly
And will take me to his office.

I do not know if his work is done
But he always speaks to me there
He makes a quick check around
And quickly says 'I love you'.

The way he says it makes my day
I would feel full of life again
I realize again that life is because of him
And I wish this would continue forever.

But I was wrong!
I should have expected this to happen.
He got married and now
He does not need me.

He has thrown me to a corner
And my life is so empty
Now I only wake him and his wife everyday
With a sadness in the same tune.

He does not like the tune anymore
And never smiles at me.
It was too late when I realized that
I was just another cellphone.

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