Friday, July 29, 2016

Now what!!!????

What’s wrong with me!!! How can I forget blogging for 2 years?

Yeah so many changes in the past two years. Got some great friends for life, travelled a lot, got an awesome job (Android application R&D), bought a beautiful house, car, joined dance classes (which was a childhood dream), found some answers in Buddhism, lost weight  and was in a state of ‘now what?’; when I suddenly remembered writing and ended up asking myself : What’s wrong with me??? How can I forget writing??

I figured that if I just write over here, I am my own boss, which means I won’t grow much. I wanted to take more challenges. One of the perks of being in Bangalore is that if you are willing, you can meet people who share their hobbies with you. I started writing for my friend’s website Every week there are themes to write on. If my article gets selected among so many submitted, it will be published. That was exactly the kind of challenge I wanted to take up. And guess what: my article got posted every time I submitted. Yay!!!

For an aspiring writer like me, it felt like a stepping stone. Every theme that is given is a challenge as I am writing outside my comfort zone. It has been a great learning experience. As I write I will be posting them here as well.

I agree this was a boring rant. So to compensate here’s a photo of Hubby’s wall art in our study.

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